Snacks & bites ideas

An impromptu dinner with friends or a menu for the whole family without complications ... Ibercook Fun Food gives you endless options to fill your table with surprising flavors in a few minutes.
  • ibercook fun food mini rollitos primavera

    Mini vegetable spring rolls

    Mini vegetable rolls with mushrooms, a 100% vegan recipe for lovers of Asian cuisine. Cook them in the oven, frying pan or air fryer.

  • ibercook fun food rollitos primavera

    Vegetable spring rolls

    100% vegan spring rolls with sweet and sour sauce. Not only are they ideal for air frying, but also for oven and frying pan! Discover the perfect blend of taste and texture.

  • ibercook fun food rollitos pollo curry

    Mini Spring Rolls with curry chicken

    New recipe! Combines tender vegetables, chicken and a curry of selected spices. Cook in the air fryer, oven or frying pan.

  • mini rollitos mejillon y wakame

    Mussels & wakame mini spring rolls

    Crispy spring rolls with a surprisingly tasty filling that will make them the favourite snack on your table - you can cook them in an air fryer, oven or frying pan!

  • ibercook fun food arito rebozado

    Battered rings

    A typical Mediterranean dish to enjoy at home with a golden, crispy finish, no matter how it is cooked: oven, frying pan or air fryer.

  • ibercook fun food gamba rebozada

    Battered prawns

    A recipe that combines the mild flavour of the prawn with the delicious texture of the fluffy, crunchy batter. Cook them as you like: air fryer, oven or frying pan!

  • ibercook fun food camaroes crocantes

    Crunchy shrimps

    Delicious recipe for crunchy shrimp with a touch of cajun. Light and extra crunchy!

  • ibercook fun food gamba tempura

    Tempura prawns

    A gourmet recipe made with premium shrimp tails and a classic, light tempura. Try cooking them in the air fryer!

  • ibercook fun food boqueron enharinado

    Floured anchovies

    Enjoy this traditional recipe 100% natural fried anchovies: just delicious blue fish and a thin layer of flour. Ready to cook!


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