Fast paced living, healthy eating and seafood's possible

AUGUST 30, 2019
The new school year begins and soon the cities will recover their rhythm. Back to school, in a hurry, to work, to full time shifts, to prepare the lunch box for the office ... And also the good purposes of eating well. It is important to adapt to reality in order to plan a feasible weekly menu. And it happens that very often the rhythm of life, the lack of time to go shopping or the tiredness when arriving home, leave us short time to "solve" dinner. If you have a half-empty pantry or want to pass by the kitchen, it's easy to opt for the first thing you find. Typical of "fast living" dinners: sausages, cold cuts, some cheese, a glass of milk with cookies ... Ordering fast food at home or a precooked product of low nutritional quality.

Fast and quality food alternatives

And at work? If we have not been able to prepare the lunch box in advance, it is easy to opt for buying any piece of fast food in a vending machine or, again, resorting to takeaways. But, in reality, there are countless possibilities that are quick, healthier and more nutritious to help us when we need and more over, adapted to "fast living". We talk, for example, of canned or frozen vegetables, canned pulses, ready-to-microwave vegetable meals, nuts and seeds, prepared brown rice or pasta ... And, of course, also seafood. Both quality canned and frozen seafood are very healthy alternatives. There is no excuse for making bad choices when preparing a fast food! There are still people who relate fish consumption to more work and difficult to buy or cook. Therefore, seafood ends up relegated to a secondary position and replaced for something faster such as grilled steak or cold cuts. But fish also has its fast food version. Frozen fish and canned fish are nutritionally optimum choices.

Frozen fish and seafood, with all nutrients, safe and always at hand

Frozen fish, especially deep-frozen on board that Congalsa uses as raw material, preserves all nutrients and remains fresh. It allows us to save time thanks to ist availability; you can buy in advance, clean and ready to cook, and store it in the freezer to consume at any time you need. Frozen fish allows preparations in just 5 minutes either grilled, boiled, in papillote ... And if we add a portion of vegetables or pulses, we will have a full lunch or dinner and a healthy lunch box to get back to work on the right foot. Nutritional quality of food is one of Congalsa's biggest concerns and that is why we have created a Scientific Board, membering nutrition experts and technicians. This committee meets periodically and offers recommendations and tests the products the company puts into the market. Therefore, we produce food solutions from frozen fish and seafood that make easy to arrange a quick meal in less time than what takes to make a pre-cooked pizza or wait for it at home.

A simple way to increase fish intake

Canned fish is another easy way to eat in or take out and have dinner ready in a minute ... But we must know how to make the right choices. The healthiest option is canned natural or olive oil, preferably virgin or extra virgin and the low salt version best. They work very well with a tomato with piquillo peppers salad, in a sandwich with whole wheat bread ... In short, recipies that do not take more than 3 or 4 minutes. Reaching a recommended daily intake of fish is not as complex as it may seem. There are very useful alternatives to incorporate to our day to day, along with the consumption of fresh fish, to complete our diet and maintain those good purposes over time.


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