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Congalsa recognised with EFQM Global Excellence Index 500+

October 21, 2019
Congalsa has recently achieved the prestigious EFQM 500+ management excellence certification granted in Spain by the Club of Excellence. It thus becomes the second company in the food sector that achieves the EFQM 500+ seal that awards those organizations with an excellent, innovative and sustainable integrated management.

Management for Excellence, in the DNA of Congalsa

“We want to be an international company, perceived as local in each market, in continuous growth, solid and excellent in management, offering innovative food solutions that improve people's lives.” This is how Congalsa reflects in its mission one of the values that best defines it as a company, its orientation to continuous improvement. This seal is the result of a journey started in 2011, when Congalsa it began to implement and work with the EFQM model. Our commitment to excellence and continuous improvement soon began to pay off in the periodic self-assessments carried out to monitor the EFQM criteria. This system of assessment and performance, was born as a result of a period of growth of the organization and the changes due to the implementation of Lean Manufacturing tools, and the culture of continuous improvement roots in the company allowing to go one step further, focussing towards excellence in management in all its processes.

The benefits of implementing the EFQM model

The use of the EFQM model has radically changed Congalsa's management guide; from the strategic planning process, definition of key performance and success indicators, to the definition of dashboards for controling and monitoring projects progress. This has allowed us to guide the entire company in the same direction, and achieve the strategic goals established for a sustainable development. Additionally, we consolidate an organizational culture that continuously seeks to improve our value chain, ganing on the effectiveness of collaboration and teamwork, throuhgout colective improving initiatives, systematic meetings and the fluidity of communication throughout the entire the organization.

Sustainability guarantees

In the final assessment carried out by the independent certifier and representatives of the Club of Excellence, Congalsa's commitment to excellence stands out, highlighting its potential for business transformation through the consolidation of internationalization, diversification, digital transformation and social commitment.

Values ​​of excellence at Congalsa

Add Value for Customers

Excellent organizations constantly add value to customers by understanding, anticipating and meeting their needs and expectations. Congalsa stands out for its effort to make product innovations and commercial activities for its customers.

Create a sustainable future

Excellent organizations have a positive impact on their surrondings because they increase their own performance while improving the economic, environmental and social conditions of the communities they belong to. CONGALSA is an organization that actively and transparently seeks a balance between social, environmental and economic development.

Build the capacity of the organization

Excellent organizations increase their capabilities by managing change effectively, inside and outside. Congalsa's commitment to digital transformation technologies and the creation and management of strategic alliances show Congalsa's ability to maintain its competitive advantages.

Take advantage of creativity and innovation

Excellent organizations generate greater value and better results through continuous improvement and systematic innovation, taking advantage of the creativity of their stakeholders. Innovation in CONGALSA is a key tool in the present and future of the Company.

Lead with vision, inspiration and integrity

Excellent organizations have leaders who shape the future and make it happen, acting as a reference model for their values ​​and ethical principles. Congalsa's organizational structures, from leaders to employees of all departments and projects, remain highly motivated when questioning the status quo and positively altering the outcome of both products and processes.

Manage with agility

Excellent organizations are widely recognized for their ability to identify and respond effectively and efficiently to opportunities and threats. CONGALSA has implemented and internalized a culture of continuous improvement, structured and reviewed, to analyze the capabilities and performance of operational processes.

Achieve success through talentof people

Excellent organizations value the people who integrate them and create a culture of delegation and assumption of responsibilities that allows both personal and organizational goals to be achieved. CONGALSA has implemented a management that integrates effectively selection and promotion of employees as well as recognition and competence development.

Maintain outstanding results over time

Excellent organizations achieve outstanding results that are maintained over time and meet the short and long-term needs of all their stakeholders, in the context of their operating environment. CONGALSA is a successful model that achieves outstanding results at the market share level.