Congalsa, which is committed to excellence, has developed over recent years a Criminal Risk Prevention System with UNE 19601, Management System for Criminal Compliance, and ISO 37001, Anti-Bribery Management Systems, certification.

The different documents that make up our system are the following ones, which mandate complete regulatory compliance in an attempt to minimise risks.

The Code of Conduct and Responsible Practices defines and sets out the principles and values that the company has made its own.

The Criminal Compliance Policy highlights our zero tolerance of any crime. The Anti-Corruption Policy defines the practices that are permitted and prohibited at Congalsa. The Quality, Food Safety and Environmental Policy focuses on how processes should be carried out to ensure that our products are sustainable and of the highest quality. The Suppliers and Purchasing Policy governs relationships with suppliers so that they are appropriate and fair.

In addition, at Congalsa, we have enabled a Reporting Channel to be used to inform the Committee of any lack of compliance by our system.

The principles that govern the Channel can be found in the Operating Manual.

The 2nd Equality Plan lists all the measures that guarantee equal treatment and opportunities and meets Congalsa’s commitment to providing the necessary human and material resources that will bring about equality between men and women and eliminate gender-based discrimination.

Lastly, the Harassment Protocol details the measures for prevention and action in the event of any type of inappropriate behaviour that could be qualified as workplace sexual harassment, for reasons of gender and/or discrimination in the working environment.


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