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Romper el hielo
Romper el hielo

salmon hake pollock


ready to cook

In its efforts to provide solutions to meet HORECA professionals' needs, Congalsa looks at the most demanding kitchens, analysing their problems, their business goals and their clients' demands. Cutting stock and wastage, improving preparation and cooking times and assuring maximum quality are some of the key factors in an efficient kitchen.

Optimising the service and thus saving on costs, without sacrificing  quality, is one of the challenges faced by kitchens specialising in canteens, restaurants and catering. Central kitchens, school meal services, hospital or work canteens, hotels and holiday catering seek solutions to help them to stand out and build up their business in a highly competitive environment.

The range of fish portions launched by Congalsa at this year's CONXEMAR aims to meet these and other requirements that specialized catering services demands from a trustable suppliers.

This is a range of solutions ideal for preparing a wide variety of recipes, thanks primarily to its quality, features and behaviour suited to all ways of cooking: griddle, roasting, stewing and steaming, sous vide, battered or breaded.

congalsa supplier of culinary solutions

consistent quality

Fish portions, skinless and boneless, made from hake, salmon and pollock fillets with a top quality guaranteed by freezing immediately after being caught. A product supplied in three different standarized controlled weights to guarantee its uniformity in terms of weight and cost, perfect for cooking directly from frozen in a multitude of ways, what minimise food safety risks.

Conxemar will be the perfect chance test the versatility of this range of products specially created by Congalsa for the foodservice channel. Hake, salmon and pollock portions have inspired the cooks at Congalsa to prepare a tasting menu designed by professionals for professionals. Hake with creamy potato, Pollock with pisto vegetable stew, green sauce and crispy leekand Salmon Salar with meunière sauce in crisp panko crost, will be the recipes that put the quality of these products to the test during the event.


to the evolving consumer

Foodservice sector is seeking increasingly creative ways to meet the needs of its clients, a vast group of consumers marked by its variety and demand for specific solutions. Its job involves meeting rigorous standards of quality, food safety, occupational risk prevention and traceability of raw materials with a flexible, balanced range of products that is sensitive to the needs of different groups of the population including children, seniors and those with specific diets.

With this range of frozen fish portions, Congalsa offers solutions for an ever more complicated, committed foodservice sector.

the hetalthy

menus with more fish

The Congalsa foodservice product catalogue seeks to help businesses to stand out and prosper in a constantly-changing environment.

Some of the ways to stand out are by offering healthier, more balanced menus, low in fat and suited to gluten-free or low-salt diets. Designing menus with a higher proportion of fish dishes is one of the ways to create a stand-out product that is relevant to consumers.

The Congalsa range of portions is the perfect ally to give a starring role to the in protein: fish.

Designing a varied, balanced menu is possible thanks to the three kinds of 100% natural fish fillets that make up this basic range. Hake, salmon and pollock portions to inspire cooks in search of healthy, easy and quick recipe ideas.

A product range aligned with models that respect the marine environment, a feature of Congalsa items and something that makes a positive impact of the environment. A natural, sustainable product like MSC hake, which is increasingly popular with restaurants, operators and clients, making it a good way to stand out.