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Do you know what MSC is?

2019-02-14 12:35:00

Sustainability, a strategic commitment for Congalsa

Knowing where food comes from is increasingly important for consumers, which is why Congalsa has been working for years to offer our customers and consumers a range of products committed to sustainable fishing and good practices in the protection of marine resources. The results of the latest MSC study are really encouraging, showing that its seal is not only the gold medal of the sustainability standard, but also of the traceability. Nine out of ten consumers agree that the oceans sustainability is important and in the last year, the recognition of the MSC label has increased by 25%. The demand for sustainable seafood grows both in the supermarket shelves and in the bars, restaurants and caterings menus, generating greater confidence in the brands that opt for this eco-label.

Supply chain: from the ocean to your plate

MSC (Marine Stewardship Council, in English) is an independent non-profit organization that works towards the sustainability of fishing. With the aim of eradicating overfishing, MSC has developed a series of principles and criteria under which Congalsa carries out, in 2014, the voluntary certification program. Thanks to the MSC seal, we guarantee that our products come from sustainable fisheries, ensuring their traceability from the ocean to the plate.

Our MSC products

Congalsa, through its brand Ibercook Food Service, offers hospitality professionals a range of sustainable fishing products, reinforcing its commitment to protecting the diversity of the oceans and going forward in the promotion of a responsible consumption. Discover in the products adapted to the needs of your customers and reinforce your commitment to sustainability.