People Project

Committed to people

People Project, which Congalsa has been developing since 2016, walks towards placing people at the center of our decisions. It is an in-house program that seeks to take advantage of the potential and positive attitude of those who are part of the organization.

Together with the Company Committee and the Health and Safety Committee, which work on the improvement of labor relations, from People Project we carry out initiatives of various kinds, among which the regular consultation of our staff on aspects of their interest stands out. Through telematic means and face-to-face meetings we collect the opinion of the workers on different questions, suggestions or ideas to improve. This system is based on the idea that each person makes a positive impact and is very valuable when improving the work environment and the day to day of our activity.

Our most valuable asset, the human capital

None of what we do would be possible without the 313 committed and talented people that make up Congalsa. We want to create a good place to work, where people are recognized for their skills and contribution to a better community. We train a useful and profitable group, in which professionals grow at the same pace our business does.

In Congalsa all employees have the opportunity to access a job that allows them to reach their maximum potential and helps them and their families to achieve a better life. We want to generate a work environment that encompasses diversity and equal opportunities. This philosophy has allowed us to achieve a rate of job stability that exceeds 86%.

Our commitment to a healthy, diverse and skilled workforce

Specific areas of work



Placed on common areas to facilitate participation of all our staff. A communication channel used by our employees where we also seek feedback on the different initiatives developed.


It allows us to identify the state of mind regarding issues that directly affect employees. To facilitate participation, a digital version was developed through touchscreen devices.
actividades y eventosactividades y eventos


Which promote the integration between people and company and improve relationships among colleagues. In total, more than 800 participations registered on the activities organized last year.


Redecoration and refurbishing of break rooms to make them more welcoming. Thanks to new tables, chairs, vending machines, floor and better decoration of the walls, these spaces have gained warmth and become more attractive.


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