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Tapas bring together stories, culture, innovation, dialogue, tastes, laughter, memories and even arguments. Tapas create a universe that offers cooks a space for unlimited creativity, the ideal environment to generate emotions and experiences.

The tapas concept has crossed borders, conquered the most diverse markets and revolutionised eating and social habits in our everyday life. This iconic part of Spanish gastronomy reserves a special place for seafood in tapas and appetizers: battered squid rings, anchovies, turnovers and mussels are classics that are an essential part of the menu.

creating exciting new combinations

great bite-sized experiences

Congalsa's new launches complete a range to test out the imagination and talent of bars and restaurants and help them in its search for the "great experience" that will make them winners in consumers' minds.

CONXEMAR 2018 will be the setting for Congalsa to present its new ideas with a selection of tapas and aperitifs designed to inspire a fun, different menu: Breaded mussels with hummus and sesame, Panko hake nuggets in bao bread with coleslaw and sweet and sour sauce, Fish pop yakitori with teriyaki, Mini tex-mex and serrano ham turnovers, Mini hake burgers with avocado and citrus allioli.

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crispy difference

Panko breadcrumbs come from Asian cuisine and are widely used in cooking in Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, China and Korea - but what makes panko different from traditional breadcrumbs? The basic difference is that panko is made from white bread, generally using only the crumbs, with no crust, by crumbling the bread and then leaving it to dry.

fun and harmony
between tradition and innovation

Once dried it is made into larger particles, like flakes.

It is not finely crumbled, so the pieces are much bigger than traditional breadcrumbs. The key is the lightness of the bread used, which is often made with milk, giving food fried in panko a fine, very light crispy coating.

It is used in a similar way to breadcrumbs, and is ideal for batter and breading as it absorbs less oil.

We have found that as well as being excellent for breading, it can also be used successfully in dishes au gratin and in the oven, as it is the perfect way to create crispy toppings.

The range of Congalsa products using this delicate bread for coating is expanded with new Hake panko nuggets and Cod fish pops. In both cases, the panko gives an extra-crispy coating while keeping the inside juicy and tender. With these features as a starting point, the potential for surprising the most demanding palates is endless. Congalsa will be proving this with the Ibercook range in its tasting presentations at this year's Conxemar. A tender, delicate bao bread that contrasts with the crispy mouthful of a hake nugget made from high-quality hake fillets; and the cod fish pop brochettes with a super-crispy finish will offer a taste explosion in combination with a teriyaki sauce. The latest trends in Asian street food will serve to show off all the versatility of the lbercook Food Service catalogue.


the trend to watch

Congalsa, aware that sustainability is not just a responsible commitment but also a competitive advantage in the HORECA sector, offers restaurant and catering professionals a range of products with the MSC seal. This includes the mini hake burger, from certified fishing grounds to guarantee the quality and traceability of the hake used to make it. Moreover, the MSC seal serves as a reference for consumers who want to support sustainable, environment-friendly fishing. This code establishes principles and standards for the conservation, management and development of fisheries all over the world in line with the United Nations Code of Conduct for Responsible Fisheries.


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