rollitos de primavera bio

Organic Spring Rolls

New recipe full of healthy and natural ingredients from organic farming. A great choice for vegetarian and vegan and deliciously crispy when baked in the oven!



Energy value: 150,4 Kcal / 630,71 Kj; Fats: 2,7g (of which are saturated: 0,29g); Carbohydrates: 27,96g (of which are sugars: 0,66g); Proteins: 3,6g; Salt: 1,52g

Contains: Gluten May contain: Celery


Preheat to 200ºC heat up / down / fan. Paint their 2 sides with oil and bake on a tray covered with baking paper for 14-16 minutes without turning. Add sauce to taste once cooked.

Modo cocinado - hornear 16 min


Place the product without defrosting in the airfryer basket. It is not recommended to overfill the basket. Set the air fryer to 160ºC and 10 minutes. Carefully turn halfway through cooking. Brush or spray with a light coating of oil. Brush with egg for a golden finish.

Cook in Airfryer


Heat the oil at 170ºC - 180ºC. Fry for about 5-6 minutes until all the pieces are golden-brown. For a more even finish, turn them over halfway through. 

Modo cocinado - sartén 5 min


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