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Sustainable Fisheries Partnership - SFP

Fisheries improvement projects

In 2014, Congalsa became first company in the frozen food sector in Spain to join the Suatainable Fisheries Partnership (SFP) initiative; the aim is to work side by side leading the improvement projects of different fisheries, promoting plans for the regeneration of high commercial value species and low fish stocks affected by overfishing.

SFP aims to ensure that 100% of marine resources are captured and produced under sustainable criteria. In this mission, industry is a key player, and Congalsa wants to join this ambitious goal by collaborating in each of its stages.

In 2014 Congalsa became the first Spanish company to be member of SFP

This challenge must be, for the seafood industry, part of its Social Responsibility plans and implies narrowing the gap, in favor of greater collaboration, among all its operators; manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, and the community of production and conservation of natural resources. The vocation of SFP is to involve the entire supply chain of seafood products in the stock recovery of depleted species and reduce the environmental impacts of fishing and aquaculture.

One of the strategic tools used by SFP to identify the key elements in the sustainable management of fisheries and aquaculture farms, is the FIPs, Fishery Improvement Projects.

Currently, Congalsa leads two Improvement Projects along with all stakeholders involved in the general health of fisheries and the promotion of sustainability: fishermen, local authorities, research centers, processing industry and retail chains.

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