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Congalsa and SFP for the sustainable management of fisheries

One of the goals set out in the United Nations 2030 agenda is, explicitly, to put an end to unsustainable fishing practices. In Congalsa we are committed to the cause, and for several years we have been part of the Sustainable Fisheries Partnership (SFP) initiative to control the risks caused by fishing and aquaculture. The SFP organization leads global fisheries improvement projects, educating and advising stakeholders in the supply chain, including major retailers, restaurant chains, seafood brand owners, buyers, producers and fisheries management or scientific institutions to improve fishing and aquaculture practices and policies.

Being involved in SFP’s initiatives means, for Congalsa, an opportunity to narrow the gap between the industry and the marine conservation community, contributing to achieve a more sustainable supply for certain species of greater commercial interest. On the one hand, because we obtain, for example, up-to-date information on the state of the fisheries, and secondly because we can take advantage of this technical knowledge to involve different stakeholders along the supply chain in fishery improvement, moving towards sustainability.

In Congalsa we want to contribute, from this corner of the Atlantic, to marine ecosystems presenting a healthier state, being active members of a seafood supply chain that avoid and minimize the environmental impacts of fishing and fish farming. For this purpose, during 2017 we carried out audits in terms of social responsibility and sustainability for suppliers. In addition to these specific audits, all our providers have been analyzed under strict criteria both in the selection and in the homologation, so that they comply with different environmental, social and legal compliance parameters.