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Hake is a classic of our gastronomy and the fish that is most sold and consumed in Spain and other countries. But do you know what their nutritional values ​​are? How its consumption benefits to our bodies? Today in Congalsa we want to focus on explaining the reasons why eating hake is good for your health, with the help of our experts from the Scientific Board.

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Conscious consumption is a growing trend, inspired by the concern for the health of the oceans, and indeed, of the planet. The consumer looks for healthier and socially responsible products. This, together with the growing diversity of consumers with special nutritional needs, makes it necessary to offer addapted products.

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Do you know what MSC is?

Sustainability, a strategic commitment for Congalsa

Knowing where food comes from is increasingly important for consumers, which is why Congalsa has been working for years to offer our customers and consumers a range of products committed to sustainable fishing and good practices in the protection of marine resources.

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Congalsa Sirha 2019

Ibercook Food Service product range, stands at Congalsa’s booth

First international meeting for Congalsa in this brand new 2019, Sirha Lyon Trade Show, a specialized event for food service professionals and an international milestone for chefs and horeca operators. 5 days to share with the main companies of the French market, the innovative products that Congalsa puts at service of hospitality professionals under its Ibercook Food Service brand. Those who came by the Congalsa booth tasted our range of snacks, an ideal concept for a the French market that has proven particularly receptive to the Spanish tapas.

Sirha trade show general information

The biannual meeting is in a very good shape, at the sight of the number of visitors, exhibition space and participating companies. The event has become one of the most important worldwide for the HORECA sector, a space in which business and trends converge around the food service business.

Around 220,000 professional visitors (+5% vs 2017) from different sectors of activity: 30% commercial catering, 15% bakery / confectionery, 9% training, 8% distributors / wholesalers, 8% installers and material manufacturers, 8 % agri-food industry, 8% crafts, 7% diverse services, 6% collective catering.

2,984 exhibitors, mainly agri-food producers (41%), although there are also kitchen equipment companies (23%), 15% bakery / pastry shop, 9% room equipment, 7% services, 5% cafeteria.

This year, the exhibition area of ​​132,000 m2 was expanded to include a new hall of 10,000 m2.

Congalsa taking part of the food service trends hub

The specialized observatory Food Service Vision, collaborator of the event, identifies and reviews 7 trends that will guide the development of the sector in the coming years:

1. FLEXITARISM: consumers who follow a plant-base diet that allows an occasional consumption of meat dishes. 37% of French households declare themselves flexitarians.

2. RESPONSIBLE CONSUMPTION: an increasing number of players in the industry are adapting their offer to propose ecological and sustainable solutions; in 2022, 20% of the products served in the collective catering, must carry a bio seal.

3. NATURAL: 72% of consumers are concerned about the quality of food and demand products that allow them to maintain a more natural and healthy diet.

4. LOCAVORISM: different motivations, eco-friendly, economic or related to identity, encourage consumers and chefs to search for locally produced food products. 60% of customers look for local offers at restaurants.

5. GLOBALIZATION: increased consumption of typical foods from other regions and globalization of foreign culinary cultures. Representative examples are, for example, the quinoa that in 10 years multiplied by 40 its sales; and the opening of food service chains at a global level, with special focus on the emerging countries.

6. CONVENIENCE: digitization and mobile technology will be leading the consumer experience in out of home consumption.

7. PLACES OF EMOTION: transformation of eating-out into a experience, defines the value proposition in the sector, trying to face the increase of delivery and other formats. The atmosphere is, for millennials, the third critera to choose a restaurant and the first in the choice of a bar.